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    Key points

    Lots of deals action this month. A new commission-free promotion from RBC Direct Investing as well as updated offers from BMO InvestorLine kick things off. Some big expiry dates to note as well, especially a big deal from Questrade being sunset.

    September is officially upon us, and with fall just around the corner, change seems to be the appropriate theme to capture what’s taking place in the online brokerage industry in Canada.

    Of course, the big news this month is that National Bank Direct Brokerage launched commission-free trading at the end of August, signaling the start of a new chapter for the industry in which bank-owned brokerages are prepared to compete with the nimble upstarts in terms of pricing.

    On the deals and promotions front, this is a particularly busy month, now likely made even busier by National Bank Direct Brokerage’s latest pricing move. All of this is great news for Canadian self-directed investors, who will likely benefit from more compelling promotions and pricing in the coming weeks and months.

    The launch of the new commission-free trading structure at National Bank Direct Brokerage wasn’t the only story that is relevant to the deals section this month, however. For example, we saw cash back offers still lead the way at BMO InvestorLine; Qtrade Direct Investing still has their cash back offering, and we (finally) spotted the official terms of an RBC Direct Investing deal that appears to be advertised on search engines.

    Another big piece of news in the deals section: the best Questrade promo offer code on the market, Sparx88, is being retired at the end of September.

    The end of August also bid farewell to offers from Scotia iTRADE for their education bootcamp, and the 100 commission-free trade offer from National Bank Direct Brokerage is, for all intents and purposes, taking an early retirement.

    Given everything that’s in motion this month, we’ll be keeping an eye out for more offers and if you spot any you think would be of value to other online investors, let us know.

    Expired Deals

    There are a couple offers that have officially expired at the end of August. The commission-free trade offer from Scotia iTRADE linked to their investor education initiative concluded, as well as BMO InvestorLine’s summer cash back offer (a new one has replaced it).

    Extended Deals

    No extended deals to report at this time.

    New Deals

    The most exciting new deal to report on this month is from RBC Direct Investing. We had first spotted this in August, however, locating it online was a challenge since it appears to be tied to different Google searches – something that is a fascinating tactical choice. This new deal represents an important shift for RBC Direct Investing, as the number of free trades being offered (50) is higher than any recent commission-free offer they’ve put forward, and the time horizon to use the trades is two years. Like several other offers, this deal is scheduled to expire at the end of August. Check out the online brokerage deals index for more details.

    BMO InvestorLine launched a slightly modified cash back offer upping the minimum deposit requirement from $15,000 to $25,000. The cash back amounts range from $50 to $2,000 so it is one of the few offers currently available to provide larger cash back rewards for large deposit amounts. This offer expires at the beginning of November, which is likely the window of time in which we expect to see more online brokerages launch RSP-linked campaigns.