BMO InvestorLine Review 2023

Updated December 29, 2022

Quick Info

  • Standard Equity Commission
  • Best Commission Price
  • Minimum to Open Account
    Not Required
  • Maintenance/Inactivity Fees
  • Commission-free ETF Trading
    Yes (80+ BMO, iShares and Vanguard ETFs)
  • Young Investor Offer


3.1/5 (4)

BMO InvestorLine is the discount brokerage arm of Bank of Montreal (BMO) Financial Group. Like other bank-owned online brokerages, BMO InvestorLine is able to offer the convenience of integration with other BMO online services as well as in-branch accessibility with representatives.

In a recent change to their pricing structure, BMO InvestorLine launched commission-free ETF trading for a list of more than 80 ETFs.

Typically, BMO InvestorLine is the most active amongst bank-owned brokerages in offering promotions.

BMO InvestorLine consistently ranks well across reviews, although not necessarily earning top spot in some of the major reviews.

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    Non-Registered Accounts

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    Registered Accounts

    Non-Registered Accounts

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What do people think of BMO InvestorLine?

I have BMO investor line and I'm still waiting. I find Wealthsimple is always much quicker than my BMO.
Just a heads up on BMO. I just got a new fee notice from BMO InvestorLine. It suggests that as of April 1st, there will be a cost to DRS @ $100 + tax per ticker request. Also my cash account will now enjoy a $25 per quarter fee if my balance is under $15k. I’m not 100% sure they will start charging us to DRS, but the new fee structure is suggesting that they may start.
This sounds weird… I auto contribute and lump sum both with subside and now BMO InvestorLine j to my kids family RESP and have never had to provide direction other than the original paperwork opening the accounts. The grants roll in a few days after the deposits. I think you’re doing the right thing getting those statements.
BMO InvestorLine just sent me an updated fees list. If they actually apply their new rates (as of April 1), DRS will now be $100 + tax per request (per stock). Also my cash account will have a quarterly fee of $25 if my account balance is less than $15k. Looks like BMO plans not to be so helpful in the future. Anyone else get the new fees? Can confirm that I read the new costs correctly?
Thank you so much for ur time and insight, I’m just an average investor a high fan of SRNE, because of its pipeline and it’s vision for cancer patients. I have a self direct investment with BMO, I sold the SCLX stocks to cash in to pay for my mom’s medical bills on Jan 24 for $7.00 and days later on Jan 27 it auto purchase at $9.00 which I did not notice until Tuesday Jan28 that I got a call from BMO InvestorLine said I owe than money and I need to deposit the money plus more what I sold to cover the stocks and I said to them I didn’t understand why this happened, if I can’t sell my stocks why did the transaction went through and now I have to purchase the stock at a higher price, I am so upset because I don’t have the money to cover it and they said they will start charging me interest or I should sell my other stocks to cover the money. I call stand called the Management at BMO and they said the same thing, I can’t sell something that I don’t own. Wow really don’t k ow what to do now, I going in to my branch to get a line of credit to pay for this unreal service. Again I am very grateful and appreciate for ur time and help. *** bless you